Steven Colbert: Splashin’ alkanes, cycloalkanes, asphaltenes, and aromatic hydrocarbons at “Nature ‘Nuffies”

My only improvement is to suggest all practitioners be required to remain behind the belching tailpipes for at least an hour. It would be good for the gene pool.

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Sea Level Rise, after Church and White (2006)

Modeling done with a Bayesian Rauch-Tung-Striebel algorithm, estimating priors of variance for observations and state by using a stationary bootstrap for the series using Politis and Romano algorithm.

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The FT’s Martin Wolf: “Climate sceptics are losing their grip”

Nicely done editorial from Professor (of Economics) Martin Wolf, of the Financial Times. (There’s a possible paywall there, at FT, but, IMO, it’s worth it.)

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President Obama speaking to the League of Conservation Voters: He’s tryin’, but …

… I don’t know if we can get to where we need to go without significant, economy-impacting demand side reductions, as mentioned in the speech. And President Obama’s administration seems to be choosing economy over danger. And natural gas is very dicey, because of fugitive methane and because the investors in this new infrastructure don’t know, realize, or appreciate they’re going to have to give it up before depreciation is done.

We still need a carbon-fee-and-dividend program. And there’s an opportunity to develop a cross-party approach to this essential program.

And I don’t like the equivocation in President Obama’s speech where he says “Taking carbon dioxide out of the air” where he means “Keeping carbon dioxide out of the air.”

But I very like the “poundin’ the rock” story.

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Why small effects can make BIG changes. Science rules, as Bill Nye says.

This is why small effects in the climate system can have BIG consequences. Even if the percentage change of CO2 due to human effects as a proportion of total atmospheric mass is very small, the consequences can, be, well, of Empire State Building proportions.

This is an awesome a good video. Physics rules!

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Celebrate Aphelion!

This happened about a half hour ago.

It’s all downhill from here!

Well, until periheilion any way.

We are at the farthest point from the Sun we’ll be for about a year.


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“Birthing a Solar Age”

(Hat tip to Tamino.)

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